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10 Steps To Creating A Wildly Successful Online Class

In today’s world, you don’t need to have products or services to become a seller. As long as you have your laptop, a good internet connection and your knowledge, you are good to go. This, with a touch of creativity and you can have a great source of income without working too hard! The online education industry is growing faster than ever as people realize the importance of e-learning and online class.

Thanks to all the buzz students around the world are rushing to buy as many courses as they can. Time management is also not a problem anymore because now they can just ask experts to do my exam for me. In the end, nobody wants to miss out on the benefits of e-learning so why should you? So let’s get into how you can create an amazing online course and sell your online classes.

Steps For Creating Effective Online Courses:

Choose The Right Topic

This is a tip that students follow when writing an essay or report but it applies to you as well. If you are not teaching as a school teacher, you will have the freedom to choose your topic. Use this freedom wisely and do some research into what would work best. It might be a bit risky to choose a topic just because it’s popular or else you will have to come up with ways to convince learners why they should choose your online class above all others. Instead, of just going for the market demand and popularity go for something that is also unique.

Research Your Customer

Before you jump into creating the course content, you need to understand your audience. This will help you decide what you should add to your online course and what you shouldn’t. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a learner who doesn’t know much about your topic. This will help you create an online course that beginners would be able to comprehend. You can also use Ubersuggest by typing the keyword of your course to find all the related searches and add those elements to your course.

Decide A Format

There are 3 different kinds of courses when you consider their format. If you choose a mini-course, it should be up to 2 hours and should cost the lowest. Such courses can be free and are great for attracting new audiences and marketing yourself. For something slightly larger, you can go for a multi-day course and break them into different levels. Your final option is to create a masterclass which requires a commitment of several weeks to months thanks to how detailed it is.

Test The Market Demand

Launching your online class is a lot like launching a business. If you are investing so much of your time, effort and skills, you should make sure that it will be worth it. You won’t want your digital product to be a failure in the market and hence you need to make sure your audience will like what you have to offer. To do this, you can launch a mini-course or a free webinar to see how they react to it. In fact, testing your course first will save you from investing in a detailed course that no one will like.

Gather Your Course Content

This is the hardest part and the point where most content creators give up. This happens because there is so much content out there that it becomes hard to decide where to start and where to end.  You will find volumes of information in books and on the internet but here is how you should filter it. Use online tools to see what people are searching for on your topic and that is what you should include.

Create An Outline

This is a step you don’t want to miss, people don’t want to sign up for a course blindly. They will want to see what your course is about and what they will learn by reading the outline. So use your logic to divide your course into levels, stages and modules for your viewers. If you want to be more specific, you can break down your course content into lessons instead of just modules.

Set The Price

Again, you will also need to research the market rates before you decide on the price of your course. If your course s short, (for example a mini-course), you should keep the price from minimal to free. At the same time, the price of your course will also depend on how technical your topic is. Moreover, if you plan to invest a lot in marketing, you can raise the price of your online course. Finally, your reputation and popularity in the market will also decide how expensive or cheap your course should be.

Select A Platform

There are tons of online learning and online class platform out there so choose wisely. A standalone platform will give you a lot of freedom to choose how your content looks. Another option is All-in-one platforms that are a bit more expensive but let you sidestep through multiple tools. Finally, the most popular option is the online course marketplace that offers you an audience on a platter!

Launch and market

Now that you have put so much of your effort into making your online course, it’s time to make sure it reaches your audience. After all, you don’t want your hard work to go to waste just because you forgot one step! After launching your course, conduct weekly webinars to attract leads. You should also make use of email marketing to share updates about your online course. Finally, social media is a powerful tool, use it to run ads and share posts to capture people’s interest!

Take feedback

If your viewers learn something from your course, you should learn something from them too. Feedback and testimonials are great for improving the quality of your online course content. Apart from the praise that will lift your spirit, you should welcome criticism as a chance to improve. Plus, having more reviews on your online course would also make it easier for newcomers to trust you. Finally, responding to and acknowledging feedback would make your learners feel important and heard!


Getting started as an online class instructor is not easy for most. Hence this blog breaks the process of making your online classes beyond successful. If you are planning to teach people online through your course, here is everything you need to do! In fact, we are sure that by using these tips, you can make your online course so interesting that no students will ever have to wonder: ‘who can online course online course help!

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