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Avoid These 5 Mistakes in Online Course

Online education is a new concept for many. What a desk and a whiteboard were is now your room and a device screen. These changes have impacted our entire approach to learning. So, most of us are exploring our own ways to adapt to this new way. Students can overlook little habits due to this change. As a result, we end up making silly mistakes while approaching online education. This is why so many of us often can’t finish our courses and wish someone else would just take my online course for me.

Among these mistakes, here are 5 of them that most students commonly make.

Avoid These 5 Mistakes In Online Course

1. Not Taking Online Courses Seriously

That’s right. The most common mistake that most of us make subconsciously is not taking online courses seriously. We have learned to associate the importance of a lecture or a class with mostly attributes of traditional schooling.

The physical presence of a teacher who is always checking in with students. The aura of a classroom with your own classmates studying puts more emphasis on why you should as well. The process of getting frequent feedback and/or reward for doing well. All are the drivers of our motivation. These factors are mostly responsible for keeping us on our toes. It makes us regard our classes with importance.

So, we can see how the shift to online classes can impact our seriousness towards studying. Countering this requires one to make a conscious effort. Stop yourself when you realize that you are not taking online studies as seriously. Change your mindset. This way your brain will be conditioned to take online classes just as important as in-person classes.

2. Not Taking Notes

A post requisite of not taking online courses seriously is not taking any notes. Most students make the mistake of not making notes when taking an online course. Most lectures and study material is available online at all times, which is why students avoid writing down notes. This can reduce the efficiency of our learning process.

Taking notes of your lectures can help you remember things more easily. When taking notes, you are bound to consciously make effort to process information. This way you are likely to retain details from your class.

Moreover, making notes help your learning process after class. When you cannot recall a particular topic, your notes can be the fastest and easiest way to overview it. Listening to a lecture all over again, or reading through the study materials is time-consuming. Your own handwritten notes can help your brain recall information much more easily.

3. Giving Up Too Fast

Most of us are guilty of doing this. Online classes can be challenging. Because there’s not the physical presence of a teacher who can answer your queries during class. This means that when you get stuck during the lecture, you will have to figure it out yourself. Perhaps you can ask for help from your peers, but let’s be honest. Many of us do not do that. Instead, we do our own tiring research until we understand what we couldn’t.

Due to this element of online learning, even a minor inconvenience can demotivate many students. Also, online classes can be very demanding. It requires more effort and attention than in-person classes. The student has to make sure all resources are available to him. These are Internet access, a device, and also the right environment for studying. This increase in responsibility can play a crucial part in affecting students’ motivation levels.

The outcome of it all is giving up entirely on your course. This must be avoided. Keep yourself going and remind yourself why you decided to begin your online course.

4. Lack Of Proper Studying Space

Our environment has a huge impact on our ability to focus. Observe how well you learn when studying in a library by yourself as with your friend group.

Hence, don’t make this mistake with online learning. Most of us ignore the need of having a proper studying space because it seems too trivial. In reality, it is not. Our surroundings can have a huge impact on our learning experience. That is why you must acknowledge the need for having the right environment to study.

Allow your mind to focus during the lectures. Turn off your mobile phone. Sit at a desk rather than on your bed that can lure you out of studying. Make yourself a hot cup of coffee that can keep you up and attentive and, remove all sorts of distractions.

5. Not Having A Routine  

Time management is crucial for every activity. The same is the case for online learning. The main part of time management is creating a routine. Many of us overestimate ourselves with online courses. Due to the given flexibility, we try to tackle online courses without having a routine.

Making a routine and following it can help you distress. It will also motivate you to complete your goals for the day i.e., your studying goals with the online course. In fact, it is also believed that following a routine is good for your mental health.

With so much to do and so much to study, many of us can get overwhelmed. This is why a routine helps. It breaks down your ultimate goal into small doable steps. When you follow it you can observe yourself advancing towards the main objective.

Therefore, avoid not having a routine because flexibility of online courses can give the impression that one isn’t needed.


So, before you go looking for someone to take my online course for me, give these tips a shot. Try to avoid these very common mistakes. Make conscious efforts of taking online courses seriously, take notes, not give up too fast, and have proper studying space and a routine. You will find yourself making progress with time. These steps will have a huge impact on your productivity by making you analyze your mistakes that are often overlooked.

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